Flyboard Bali has the newest extreme sport! A flyboarder stand on a kind off snowboard/ wakeboard that pushed up by a high pressure water force. This water force comes from a 200 pk connected Jet-Ski.

A flyboard rider is able to fly up to 5 metres in the air or to dive headlong through the water. Professional flyboarders are able to fly up to 10 metres in the air. Read more about flyboarding.

Go Flyboarding in Bali

Learning to operate the Flyboard is much easier than you might think. Many tourist are amazed how easy it is to fly. Our instructors in Bali will give you a proper instruction and almost anyone will start flying during their 5 minutes in the water. After 15 minutes in the water you could easily have basic control of your movements over the water.

When you have experience with watersports and you have natural ability, you can do more tricks. It is exciting for everyone. Flyboarding is a lot of fun and exciting for everyone! Our main location in Bali is at PT Monico Boating Group, or well known as SMS. Our second location is at Pandawa Marine Adventures.

Fly like a Superhero, Feel like Ironman, Diving as a Dolphin.. Discover the unique experience!


It was awesome!!! To fly like that was an unreal experience, you really feel like you can fly. Easy to learn and so much fun. Thank you!
David Emmara

Flyboarding was amazing, it really feel like Ironman! Thank you for your kindly instructions, we had a lot of fun.
Katy Manger and Cindy Johnson

It was my second time, I love to do it! It will get better after a few rides, you are more in control to do tricks. To go diving with the flyboard was great.
Ray Seba