Flyboarding  is a device for a Jet-Ski which allows propulsion underwater and in the air. When you go flyboarding, you will stand on the board that is connected via a long hose with the Jet-Ski.

The flyboard was invented in spring 2011 and is now populair all over the World. Make your holiday exciting and try flyboarding in Bali. Flyboarding it is Easy, Safe and will give you a lot of Fun!

Flyboard is Easy

Most people tend to get up on the board within 2 to 10 minutes on their first attempt at flyboarding. It’s actually very natural and intuitive, Just like walking!!

Flyboard is Safe

The board has positive buoyancy and you are as well equipped with a life vest. Your certified instructor is in control of your height at all times and will provide you all the necessary tips.

Flyboard is Fun

Once you get going, you are only limikted by your creativity. As a very simply and light device, the flyboard is very maneureable and as soon as your second or third attempt, you will be started to learn tricks.